Scott Family Farms

Scott Family Farms may be new to you, but they have a long history in producing some of the finest and highest-quality marijuana seed varieties available in North America.

From humble beginnings in the early Nineties, known then as Prairie Fire Seeds, The Scott Family Farm tradition grew from this and has been growing and improving ever since. They began with specialized cannabis seeds that were resistant to cold and especially useful for the cold northern climates. Prairie Fire Seeds became one of the first companies ever to cultivate and sell auto-flowering marijuana strains.

The next chapter of the Scott Family Farms tradition was the introduction of one of their most popular products, Reeferman Seeds.

Charles Scott had a vision; he had the knowledge and experience to begin a new phase in the cultivation and development of cannabis plants and seeds. Charles knew that the traditional home of cannabis, Holland, was in a state of decline due to the inbreeding of a variety of different strains of cannabis over the two-three decades. This revolutionary development of new strains from places such as Egypt and China has led to a new level of cannabis growth.

With the announcement of Recreational Marijuana legalization in Canada as well as the exponential growth in medicinal marijuana across North America we have decided to bring all our brands and history under our tradition Scott Family Farms banner. The Scott Family Farms company represents integrity, honesty, and pride. We are proud of our traditions and heritage, and we will always be a family of farmers taking pride in the production of the best Landrace based marijuana genetics on Earth.

Scott Family Farmers have won some amazing awards around the globe. In 2004, they won 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, with Love Potion #1 a first for Canada . In 2006, they won top strain at High Times Top 10 Strains of the Year with Willie Nelson. Again in 2009 at the High Times Top, 10 Strains of the Year with their BC Mango. They have won dozens of other awards with simply too many to list!

Charles has led many others from Barneys's farm to BC Bud depot to Cannabis Cup victories.

Soon Scott Family farms will not only offer you the full lineup of great seeds that they have always produced, but also dry flowers, Hash, and other uniquely Canadian Cannabis products. Stay tuned, to see what exciting things Scott Family Farms are working on next!



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