Jihadi Kush Regs


Yield Very Good
Height Medium
Flowering Time 56+ Days
Feminised  Mostly Indica
Effects strong physical potency

Sold By: Scott Family Farms
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Jihadi Kush is a breakthrough in true Kush genetics for outdoor and greenhouse production under the Sun.
The majority of todays Kush is genetically related and takes well into October to finish and the quality is not the same as indoor production under HID or LED lighting.
Jihadi Kush is a comprised of a new true Kush from the Northern tribal region of Pakistan it tastes and smells much like Pink kush or a very Skunky master kush with Fuel undertones.

Jihad is a very compact plant it produces large yields on very small but heavily & thickly branched plants that can take the weight they pack on its common to get yields of 6-7 oz’s on a plant that is only 4′ tall on outward appearance Jihad seams very leafy yet once you remove the long single fingered leaves that protrude from the main cola’s they are compact and hard its not nearly as difficult to trim as it appears.
We feel that this plant is a highland relation of the master clone used to create the “pink kush” family but have no way to prove this except for oral history of the “pink” line and the fact that the flowers look and smell very similar and throw the exact same pink hairs.

The Jihad reacts differently if planted from a clone than if a seedling is germinated and completed under all natural photo period , the majority of jihad plants that are held under 22-24 hours of light than placed outside will flower and finish in 60-70 days regardless of photo period if placed outside at 7-8″ you can expect plants from 3-5 oz per plant given ample root space.

Jihad has proven to be very mold resistant even through the worst rainy Spells with dense flowers and dense seeded flowers it has resisted when other plants have shown issues.
Jihad is a real evolution in outdoor Kush production its flower quality is stellar its taste and resin production is outstanding and its very fast , the plants are low profile they do emit a strong odor when being grown that tends to linger.
We pollinated our best Northern Pakistani Landraces with our award winning Nepalese Males to create the Jihad a f-1 hybrid comprised of two of the worlds greatest hash plants.

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