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“The Silver Taco /SLK came to me as a cutting, so I can’t tell you the exact heritage at the moment, but genetic testing is planned.

She came in a tray from a northshore clone house, and it was a mix of 3 types… all of them excellent, but totally different. One was a real kushy fuely OG-type that is very stocky (so not a typical OG shape, but pure fuel), one a classic Afghani variant that I dubbed ‘Laughghani’- classic affi smell but more potent that any other I’ve seen, and the third I simply labelled as Silver Kush because of the market.

It’s not a kush at all in smell or in structure,; she has a high terpinolene terp profile and it probably related to a Hazier expression of the original Sensi Jack Herer that goes back to the mid-90’s. Not as much Yield as the island JH, but a really special, soft sweet piney nose. I teased the clones apart and ran tables of each, and they all made the grade based on bubble alone. The Silver Taco folds her subtending leaves in flower when you push the nutrients and makes these incredibly frosty valleys of secretory glands. Flower structure is excellent with large clusters up top and a calyx:leaf ratio that is near ideal. The stretch catches many a grower with their pants dow, so I like to bend down the main stalk so the apical the tip is about on par with the lowest side branches, and with that technique she makes excellent bushes, which although they stretch, the lower auxiliary shoots of each branch tend to stay close to the frame, making it and interesting plant to wind and bind to herself like a vine, keeping it from getting too wide.

The flowers are immensely frosty, the glands produce an exquisite essential oil that carries over well and makes lovely extracts and vape, and she has a pleasing hazy terpinolene-dominant nose that just hangs in the air. Did I mention how good the hash is? Isolate your 90u heads, you’ll be in heaven.

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