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The newest edition to the Schnazzleberry half-sibling family and the first gynoecious or all female version we have released to the masses. For those of you that have not yet grown a Schnazz, you are really missing the boat. This plant has never received the hype, but is truly a special, special plant. She is in a class of cannabis that is heavy on terpinolene in the terpene spectrum, which really predominates in the parental variety ‘Dom’- one of chimera;s oldest and dearest selctions. These plants are different than most cannabis seen nowadays, and found in the same terpene class or family of the original ‘trainwreck’ variety from California, yet with a much heavier flower set and producing denser, thicker nugs. She is one of the most complex and unique flavours to be found in cannabis, because she really does show a full spectrum of terpenes; where other varieties tend to be dominated by just a few terpenes, this family has a huge spike of terpinolene, yet has a large complement of other accessory terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, both alpha-pinene and beta-pinene and the sesquiterpene beta-caryophyllene. For those that seek production plants, cultivated for uniquely scented extracts, this is your plant. The ‘Dom’ truly is one of the oiliest, most resinous plants Chimera has ever come across, and her thickly scented aroma is anything but subtle. This is really should only be grown by folks that can manage their odour, because late in flower this one can be problematic. Without fail, trimmers always comment on the smell during harvest sessions when they first encounter it, because it is a scent that is rarely encountered these days, and is so intense that it can be overwhelming and often makes people dizzy after hours of exposure. The ‘Dom’ is ripe for harvest in 8 weeks, but this hybrid with the Sweet skunk pushed the harvest window out to 65-75 days for full peak resin production, as this plant just continues to secrete a thick and oily, greasy resin from her glandular trichomes during the last couple of weeks before harvest. The hybrid generation with the Sweet Skunk boosts the limonene in the flavour profile, making her slightly less sedative, but she is really a dominatrix that whips everyone into a sedative, lethargic crash after a few hours due to her relatively high cannabinoid content. We recommend this line for people who have troubles sleeping, due to insomnia or pain, and it really is effective medicine, especially when administered in more concentrated forms like extracts. Operating heavy equipment of machinery is simply not recommended after using this varietal.

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