Purple Sourlite Regs


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The goal of this cross was to add vigor to the Critical Sour and reduce some finishing time off of the Purple Satellite. Making a solid outdoor producer for any latitude below 60N.

Bred at 52N, this outdoor powerhouse is made out of a Critical Sour (Maroc x Grapefruit) x (Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical) mother from Female Seeds , which is a proven outdoor guerilla grow plant, finishing by the middle/end of September even above 50N. Good mold resistance and low maintenance plant. Has a nice flavorful sweet sour taste mixed with some classic NL funk and great hybrid high.

The father is a Purple Satellite ( Oaxaca79SKULL x Baglung Nepali) from Green Mountain Seeds that had crazy dark purple stems and purple male flowers. It had a crazy vigor, very quick growing and very low maintenance. The Purple Satellite line has great mold resistance and beautiful purple nugs with pink pistils and finishes around beggining of October above 50N. The smells range from earthy to citrus/carrots/pine. The high should be mostly on the sativa side, energetic, motivational, uplifting. This cross should be some great option for outdoors guerrila growers.




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