Citra Paradiso X Sweet Skunk


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This is the ultimate blend of BC elite citrus flavoured germplasm, Grapefruit x Sweet Skunk. Around the world, there are a few plants that have been said to possess grapefruit scent, but after sampling them all I can attest that none is as strong or uniquely citrus as the ‘original sweet pink grapefruit’ clone, originally from the lower mainland of BC, but now grown all across the Canada. I have spotted her uniqueness and verified her presence all along the west coast in grow rooms and greenhouses as far south as California, and all over the EU- yes she is a plant with legs that clearly likes to travel. How can she have reached such distances in clone form? Simple, she performs well in different environments, produces a healthy harvest of truly sweet flowers and leaves a happy, giddy, playful feeling that is very conducive to daily consumption without leaving the consumer tired or sedated. Growers just want to grow this plant, because she gives back in spades for your efforts.

In order to explore the range of citrus scents possible from the species, we have crossed these two daytime favourites. The sweet skunk imparts a distinct lemon zest to anything it touches, and she’s remarkably potent for such a clear and mind-expansive effect. This is not smack down, heavily myrcene cannabis of the OG/Cookies crowd. Her effects are cerebral and clear; she is ideal for distracting consumers from daily aches and pains, allowing them to go on with their days without feeling whipped and sedated. This is excellent socializing cannabis, a type that can be brought to a gathering and enjoyed by participants of all ages; she creates a vibrant and energetic headspace, well suited to focusing on a task and executing – be it garden chores, food preparation, or musical composition. Creativity just flows from this one naturally. This variety can be taken as early as after 9 weeks of flowering, but some plants extend up towards 70 days for full maturity and flower production to reach their resin potential. Individual plants have a range of citrus scents, encompassing grapefruit, lemon, and tangerine – truly the citrus cocktail of cannabis. These are respectable producers indoors and in greenhouses, and are possible in dryer climates with longer flowering seasons such as California, the Mediterranean, and and more equatorial climes. If you enjoy citrus flavoured cannabis, these are an absolute must for your stable.
Gender: Gynoecious
Harvest window 65-75 days of flowering

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