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Seedbay was created to address the customer wish for an auction based site selling varieties which are not produced by the main seedbanks. Our sister site, www.seedboutique.com, has been selling the main seedbank lines for over 10 years now and is possibly the most highly regarded seedbank in the industry. Seedbay was created to compliment this achievement by providing a portal for smaller and home breeders who wish to share genetics with other enthusiasts. Over the last few years we have offered this portal to customers around the world and the reaction to it has been very positive. Many amazing genetics can be found here that you would not find anywhere else on the internet.

We sincerely hope you find something that will suit your needs and dont forget that the site is only as good as it's contributors so if you find yourself in a position to produce good quality genetics dont forget we are always happy to take on new strains and you may even be able to make enough to cover your personal wishlist!