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Welcome to Seedbay, the largest and best seed auction site in the world! Seedbay strives to provide you with the largest selection of buy now purchase options and auctions from breeders across the globe.
Listings are continually and rapidly changing as different varieties are available.

This is where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions on Seedbay.

Do you ship to my location?
We are happy to ship our items world wide, though before making a purchase from us we strongly advise you to check your national and local laws and to read our terms and conditions.

How long will the delivery take?
Depending on your local postal service, you can expect orders to be delivered in the UK the next working day (where possible) and orders to the rest of the world in 7-28 days from the date of shipping.

Before contacting our support team on an undelivered order, we advise you to wait the mentioned time of 28 days (international orders) or 5 days (UK orders) from shipment.

Please note: failure to receive an order due to the local postal systems or customs interception is a purchaser liability. Seed Boutique will NOT replace undelivered orders.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made Using Western Union or Moneygram money orders only, postal order, through credit from your Seedbay account and/or cash (see below for instructions).
we no longer accept Money orders under the value of $100
we can also accept electronic payment Via Western union, Moneygram and World Remit, Contact Support@seedbay.com to arrange this method

Seedbay Credit
You can add funds to your account by money order, postal order, cashiers check and/or cash.  Follow the steps below to add credit to your account.
Your funds will be added to your account balance once they have been received. As your account is held in USD, payments received in a different currency will be converted to USD using
the exchange rate provided by xe.com on the date of conversion.

You can see your account balance by logging into your account, then selecting the 'MY ACCOUNT' tab (top left) and then finally selecting 'MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION' (bottom left).
You will be able to see your account balance just above the 'EDIT MY INFO' button. (Note: You will notice there is an 'add money to my account' option next to that. This will continue, for now, to not function!)
When you make an order and choose to pay with credit from you account, your account balance will be adjusted once your order has been sent along side the usual status update.


Sending in your order /credit request and payment
First of all, please add your auction ID's, preferably including your order form or, if crediting your account, the reference number provided by us with a request to add the funds to your account balance and payment to your envelope/package.

All orders/credit requests should be sent to:

12 East Street
KT17 1HX


Please fill in your own details


You may send your order/credit request with funds by Air Mail, Express Mail International or by an overnight courier service such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, Parcel Force, etc.
Please do not put a value on the package or envelope, even when asked.

The preferred method is overnight courier, as these afford you the ability to track the progress of your envelope/package online and to see when it has been delivered to us.
Compared to sending it through regular post it is much safer, less likely to get lost in the postal system and even if lost, it will be much easier for us to track down.
To top it off, for all orders sent in by that method an extra freebie from us will be added to offset the cost!

If using cash as your payment method we strongly recommend using some form of recorded mail to ensure your payment arrives in a safe and timely manner.
Please do make sure you include shipping costs with your order; being £5, $8 or 6€ for each 4 packs.

Payment instructions

Money orders, postal orders, cashiers cheques

Money orders, postal orders and cashiers cheques Leave Payee Blank.

IMPORTANT: Our address is not to be included on any money order, postal order or cheque.
We prefer them to be made out in GBP or otherwise in USD or EUR. They will also be accepted if made out in any other major currency.
It is not mandatory to send in an international money/postal order; regular money/postal orders are also accepted.

Please do fill out your details as completely as possible. Depending on the type of money order, that will include:
Your name
Your address (street name and number, postal/zip code, town)
Your signature

Cash is accepted in any major currency, including the following: Pound Sterling, Euro's, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.

We strongly advise you to only send cash in banknotes, not coins. Envelopes with coins often get caught up in the machinery of postal services and makes it more obvious that cash is present,
making it more prone to theft whilst in the postal system.

If your order totals to an amount included with smaller denominations than you can pay with in banknotes,we ask you to round the amount payable off to the nearest unit in
banknotes (e.g.: your order amount is for £41.40; £40 in banknotes will be accepted as full payment for the order. For a payment in USD, that means if your order amount is for $76.77, we'd like you to send in $77 in notes).

Currency conversion
If applicable, please refer to www.xe.com to convert the owed amount into the currency you will be paying in.

Where can I buy a money order, postal order or cashiers cheque?
You can obtain a money order from almost all convenience and grocery stores. Postal orders can be purchased at most if not all post offices, cashiers cheques at most if not all banks.

Payment methods we do not accept (yet)
We do not accept personal cheques and PayPal. we do not accept USPS money orders, we also do not accept credit cards, though are working hard to get that form of payment up and running again.

Do you ship in breeder packs?

Yes all our seeds are sent in their original breeder packs. In the case of independent auction sellers, seeds are sent in the same packaging as we received the seeds from the seller. All seed packs are labeled.

How do you send your seeds?

We send our seeds in discreet plain packages worldwide. On the day your package(s) are shipped you will see the shipped date in your account under "my current bids" on Seedbay.
Confirmation of shipping notices are NOT sent to your email.

My seeds have been damaged in the post, can they be replaced?

Each auction sold is an individual lot and therefore we do not hold replacement stock for our auctions. All auctions are sold as individual lots. Seedbay is not able to replace stock which is lost/damaged in transit so the buyer
is advised to check the quality of their mail service as below before ordering. We do however take all reasonable steps to ensure your parcel is secure and able to withstand the transit before it ships.

We strongly recommend you check the quality of your local postal service before ordering from us.

My seeds will not germinate?

For country's where growing is legal Seedbay does not replace seeds due to claims of poor germination, seeds are a live product and we cannot guarantee grower success.
The same seeds in the hands of one grower may well perform differently in the hands of another grower. We do not accept responsibility for the germination ratios or growth of a live product
though seeds are tested randomly to ensure a minimum level of viability.


What if my order is missing?

a. If you have not received a confirmation of shipping under "my current bids" on Seedbay within 14 days after posting your payment, you may send an email to support@seedbay.com
titled 'No Shipping Confirmation 14th Day' and staff will assist you." If your item has been shipped by courier we ask that you check with the courier before you contact us.
Seedbay can only check a payment if we have actually received it.

b. If you have received a confirmation of shipping notice under "my current bids" on Seedbay and your order has failed to arrive within 28 days of that notice, it could be on it's way back to Seedbay.
Orders are returned to us frequently due to an improper address or when an undeliverable recipient name is used. It can take six-ten weeks for an order to be returned to us so we ask that you be
patient and most of all polite, so we can quickly help to resolve the problem. Please send only 1 email enquiry, multiple enquiries are recognized as spam by our email filters
and this will result in all of your emails not being delivered to our inbox.

c. Seedbay makes no replacements for undelivered packages (lost/stolen/declined for import by your national customs service.

What are your shipping options and costs?

For those in the United Kingdom we ship by Royal Mail special delivery which is guaranteed for delivery the next business day. This cost is £5.00 and covers up to 4 purchased items,
unless another amount is otherwise noted in the specific auction listing.

For customers in the rest of the world we ship regular airmail service which costs $8.00 and covers up to 4 purchased items, unless otherwise noted in the specific auction listing.
We are unable to use couriers such as FedEx or similar companies for express shipments to you.

We accept no responsibility for items shipped to countries where the importation of cannabis seeds is prohibited. Please check with your national guidelines before placing your order.

Shipping chart: (UK Royal Mail Special Delivery)The charge is £5 and will cover up to 4 packs of seeds. Other items such as pipes, posters, multiple pack collections, etc will have the specific shipping rate
for the item specified in the auction listing.

1-4 pkgs = £5

5-8 pkgs = £10

9-12 pkg = £15, etc/etc

Shipping chart: (World wide air mail) The charge is $8 and will cover up to 4 packs of seeds. Other items such as pipes, posters, multiple pack collections, etc will have the specific shipping rate for the item specified in the auction listing.

1-4 pkgs = $8

5-8 pkgs = $16

9-12 pkg = $24, etc

We can also ship using Royal Mail Airsure click here to see if airsure is available for your country and look under the FAQ page for more info
Airsure costs $15 per 4 packs
with Airsure you will get a tracking number and no signature is required on delivery

How do I make an order enquiry?

Should you find it necessary to contact customer support please send only 1 email to support@seedbay.com . Multiple emails are rejected by our spam filters and will result in unanswered emails.
Information which should be included to assist in your inquiry:

1. Seedbay Member Name

2. Auction ID number(s)

3. Address you mailed payment to (is necessary to establish you have mailed your payment to Seedbay correctly)

4. Address you indicated order was to be shipped to (is necessary to establish if the order has been returned to Seedbay)

5. Date you mailed your payment

6. Method you mailed payment (regular air mail, registered post, UK special delivery post, overnight courier) If using courier please ensure you check their website first and include the reference number when emailing us.

7. How you made payment (cash, money order or UK postal order)

While every effort is made to respond to all email inquiries in a timely fashion, usually within 24-48 hours, please be patient during this time to give staff time to look into and respond to your inquiry.
Please be sure to add Seedbay to your email contact list to assist in receiving our emails. We receive many rejected email notices sent to customers which results in a huge waste of staff time replying
to emails that are rejected and not received.

If you are using a freemail provider like yahoo please also check your spam folder for mails from us. Freemail providers often put our mail into the spam folder rather than the inbox and this often confuses customers.

What do I include with my payment?

You need only send payment accompanied by a completed payment form which is emailed to you upon winning an auction or making a buy now purchase or can be accessed from your 'my bids' section of your account.


I do not have a printer to print out the payment from my email, what now?

For those who do not have a printer to enable printing out of the confirmation sent upon winning an auction or making a buy now purchase, you may send your payment with a legibly handwritten or typed letter stating:

1. Your Seedbay member name

2. Auction ID # and Auction Item Title

3. Amount due (each item)

4. Shipping charge

5. Name and address to send order to

If handwriting, please make sure that it is legible (readeable) and clearly made in block capital letters. Failure to provide a clearly written order form can result in problems so it is strongly recommended that you
double check your order before shipping to ensure it's clear and concise.

Did I win?

If you are the highest bidder at auction closing time, or have made a buy now purchase, you will be sent a confirmation of winning to your email address used when you registered.
Often times these confirmations are filtered by various service providers as spam so be sure to check your junk/bulk email folder in addition to your regular email inbox.
You can also check in your account to see if you have won and this should be your primary method for checking as email is not always reliable.

Do you include freebie seeds?

Yes! We are happy to include 1 pack of freebie seeds per order. Freebies change frequently. For those who elect to pay by Bank Transfer or by post payment via overnight courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc
we include 1 additional freebie to help offset the additional cost of sending your payment this way. Seedbay does however reserve the right to withhold the freebies if you have not included correct payment,
incorrectly placed your order or failed to provide enough info for us to process your order with a freebie.

May I request a particular freebie?

Freebies change frequently and are ultimately a Seedbay staff decision. From time to time we may offer a special freebie in conjunction with a particular type of purchase,
in these instances staff are aware what should be included so no further request is required by you. We wil always do our best to ensure you are given the best freebie available at the time of ordering.

You have a forum on www.icmag.com may I make a customer enquiry there?

No. For customer security, all customer service enquiries are addressed through email contact only. Seedbay will not reply to enquiries except by email. Any enquiry initiated on www.icmag.com will be deleted.
The Seedbay forum on www.icmag.com is to be used to discuss the relative merits of the plants grown from Seedbay purchases and not as a conduit for questions concerning your orders through Seedbay.
The correct form of communication concerning any order is by email to support@seedbay.com . This policy is in place and must be adhered to for customer confidentiality and security reasons.

How much time do I have to make payment?

If you are the winner of an auction or buy now purchase, payment must be received by Seedbay within 14 days of the auction closing date. Unless using the preferred overnight courier method,
it is best to post your payment immediately at auction closing or when the buy now purchase is made. Failure to make payment within the 14 days time period may mean you losing out on obtaining the seeds.

My 14 day payment period covers a mail strike!!!!!!

The staff at seedbay are very aware of the mail services of the world and try to monitor problems as they occur. If there is a mail strike in your area of the mail flights are unable to run we will allow extensions
on a case by case basis. We do not allow extensions for situations within your control, your dog eating the payment, late paycheck or other such scenarios.

What happens if I fail to make payment?

Failure to pay for 2 auctions or buy now listings will result in locking of your account, you will no longer be able to place bids or make a buy now purchase. Failure to pay not only wastes Seedbay's time,
it wastes the time of Seedbay Users and will not be tolerated. Seedbay reserves the right to instantly ban any member for placing a fraudulent bid. Multiple handles bidding on the same auction will be banned.

Is there a fee to use Seedbay?

Membership is free, we have no fees to join. As long as your account is kept in 'good standing' you will be able to use the site for placing auction bids or making a buy now purchase.

Can I combine multiple auction payments?

You may combine multiple auction wins or buy now purchases provided doing so does not result in any not meeting the 14 day payment policy.

I am having a problem registering my account, any ideas why?

When registering it is important to select a member name which fits the parameters of 6 to 12 alphanumeric characters containing no spaces or special characters. This is the most often cause of unsuccessful registrations.

I made a mistake, can I cancel my bid or purchase?

No, we are not able to cancel a bid or buy now purchase due to purchaser oversight of policy or because you have changed your mind regarding the purchase made.
Please make sure you are bidding the amount you wish or purchasing the item you intend to be paying for.
Seedbay is a free auction site and functions on an 'All bids are final' and 'All buy now purchases are final' policy as part of your free membership.

For Sellers:

All those wishing to become an auction seller must contact Seedbay privately by email 'prior' to any auctions being listed in order to work out various details pertaining
to your Seedbay account and to become authorized as a Seedbay seller.

You must first become an authorized Seedbay Seller before you can place an auction.

How to sell: (Once authorized as a seller)

Please see the section for sellers for more information regarding becoming a seller.