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Terms & Conditions

Seedbay has the legal right to trade in cannabis seeds but we advise you to check your national laws, wherever you are, before ordering and make a conscience decision as to whether you wish to order or not from us. The responsibility of purchase is upon the purchaser and we do not take responsibility for outside national laws or customs preferences on a global level. We ship worldwide regardless of location and it is incumbent upon the purchaser to take responsibility for said purchase.

Returns/Undelivered Seeds

Each auction sold is an individual lot and therefore we do not hold replacement stock for our auctions. All auctions are sold as individual lots. Seedbay is not able to replace stock which is lost/damaged in transit so the buyer is advised to check the quality of their mail service as below before ordering.

We strongly recommend you check the quality and rules of your local postal service before ordering from us. Laws and rules vary depending on location and can have an affect on our ability to deliver reliably to you. Some wont deliver if you use an alias, some require the address to be formatted a specific way etc....

Germination issues.

Seedbay asks all sellers to test their seeds and we will sometimes test a few packs ourselves to ensure the seeds are viable but we are unable to guarantee germination rates as each grower uses different methods.  If there are any doubts on germination or the seeds are untested they will be sold in the untested category. All other seeds are tested by the breeder before sale and considered sold as seen.


Payment window.

All auctions are subject to the 14 days payment window. If your payment is not received within the 14 day payment period we reserve the right to relist the auction item as an unpaid lot and leave the item/s as unpaid on your account. Unfortunately we are not able to be flexible with the payment window and it is solely the customers responsibility to ensure they are able to make payment within the timeframe before purchasing or bidding. Seedbay appreciates that occasionally there are issues which mean payments do not arrive on time so we allow 2 unpaids on accounts but any further unpaids can result in accounts being locked or in extreme cases the user being banned from bidding.