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How It Works

Your account does not have permission to place an auction. Please read below to find out how to sell your items on Seedbay.

All those wishing to become an auction seller must contact Seedbay privately by email 'prior' to any auctions being listed in order to work out various details pertaining to your Seedbay account and to become authorized as a Seedbay seller.

You must first become an authorized Seedbay Seller before you can place an auction.

How to sell: (Once authorized as a seller)

The seeds/items must be sent to Seedbay before your auction will be activated to run on the site. Your auction will run for however long you selected when making your listing. When the Auction or Buy Now has ended, 50% will be subtracted from the final price for Seedbay operating expenses and 50% of the final price will be for the seller. The items will then be sent to the auction winner once they have made payment.

In the event your auctions are not bid on, or, the winner does not pay, you can relist your item as many times as you wish with no additional listing charges.

Sellers accounts are reconciled quarterly.

Submittal of Seeds to Seedbay

1. Seeds MUST be prepackaged by the seller, in packages with the number of seeds in each
package that you are listing. Do not send a package of seeds (bulk) and expect Seedbay to repackage them into lots for you. Seeds are to arrive at Seedbay selected & packaged by YOU, the seller. You must submit seeds/items to Seedbay exactly as they are expected to leave Seedbay to the winner. Please also note that due to shipping constraints we recommend sellers use baggies which have been heat sealed. SB is unable to ship bulky packs, grow info or other items. If you have any doubts please contact support with your method and they will advise you if it is suitable for our packing methods.

2. Sellers who send in seeds or other items for auction MUST indicate who is submitting them by providing your Seedbay member name you used to register on the site.

3. Please follow these simple instructions for seed submittals:

a. Package all seeds in zip lock baggies, in individual packages as they are to be sold.

b. Each package to be labeled by strain/variety name and quantity and then heat sealed. Please make sure to package in a manner to safeguard against damage enroute to Seedbay through various postal machines.

c. Include in the inside of the package your Seedbay member name so we know who has submitted them. It is up to you to determine how to post your products to Seedbay. We can not be responsible for items which fail to arrive.

d. All seeds submitted to Seedbay must be properly cured and pass our rigorous testing procedures, otherwise they will not be accepted to place for auction. Seedbay reserves the right to accept/decline any seeds submitted for auction. Should Seedbay determine submitted seeds to fall below acceptable standards, the Seller will be promptly notified.

Please email support@seedbay.com if you to wish to become an authorized seller on Seedbay.