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Categories: Main > Marijuana Seeds
*IC Mag server fund raiser*
All Money raised from sales in this catagory go to help fund IC Mag
*Private / Breeders
Seeds from Private breeders and IC Mag Members
*Untested Seed Varieties*
Ace Seeds
B.O.G Seeds
Buddha Seed Bank
Canna Venture Seeds
Chimera Seeds
Connoisseur Genetics
From IC Mag 4:20 Multiple cup winner OJD, an expert in the fine herbs
Crazy X Seeds
organic seeds
Delta 9 Labs
Medical Grade Biological Cannabis Seeds
Deluxe Seeds
Fractal Genetics
Fritillary Seeds
The Underground Collective
Gage Green Genetics
The finest cannabis for the medical community
Granddaddy Purp Genetics
Providing proven, medical grade strains.
Grindhouse Medical Seeds
Get Educated Get Grindhouse.
Hill Temple Collective
Horti Lab
House of Love Seeds
Hybrids From Hell
Karma Genetics
Quality Dutch Genetics
Mandala Seeds
Med-Man Brand
Nirvana Multipack Deals
OG Raskal Seeds
Rare Dankness
Secret Garden Seeds
Spice of Life Seeds
Tom Hill
Tom Hill Seeds
Top Dawg Seeds
True Canna Genetics
Selection is Art
Weekend Specials